* Write

Finalizing plans for the semester. A bit dissatisfied with my over reliance on “Fast Writes” for classroom exercises. Why so fast? Why so fast all the time? I’ve not framed them any different in the past, as I recall. Except for “Free Writes,” perhaps. A list is necessary. Other kinds of writing must be possible. My guess is that the reason fast writes have always been at hand for me is because I’ve (and others who use them) are used to careening through life with the care of a breakneck.  I’ll begin with the first alt-write (let’s make that a thing, yeah? Dank Sirc memes and all) that occurred to me and drive down a list until I can’t:

Focused Write

Fun Write

Angry Write

Careful Write

Fuckin’ A Write

Slow Breath Write

No Write

Yes Write

Feeling Write

Night Write

Shitty Write

Nervous Write

Sweaty Write

Hot Write

Future (Past, Present) Write

Death Write

Sick Write

Slick Write

Summer (Fall, Spring, Winter) Write

Fly Write

Speed Write

Walk through the Neighborhood Write

Walk on the Beach Write

Walk at Night Write

3:45 a.m. Write

Bliss Write

Pun Write

Eat Write

Think Write

Laugh Write

Cry Write


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