Matott: “In Search of a Philosophical Context for Teaching Composition”

Matott, Glenn. “In Search of a Philosophical Context for Teaching Composition.” College Composition and Communication. 27. 1 (1976): 25-31. Web. 21 Jan 2015.

Martin_Buber_portraitKey Terms

Braddock Award, process pedagogy, Martin Buber, student-centered pedagogy, philosophy

Bibliographic Notes

Words: ~4,000-4,500

Pages: 6

References: ~5

Author Affiliation: Colorado State

Summary, Quotes, Notes

Matott advocates for a student-centered process pedagogy informed by the dialogic philosophy of Martin Buber. Matott calls for a turn away both from overly traditional, prescriptive pedagogies as well as “free reign” pedagogies and carves out a middle path: “pedagogy which would avoid the perils of either the funnel or the pump” (30).

“My argument is, of course, that the conceptual underpinnings of the new pedagogical orientation are very weak” (26).

Writing is characterized as “liberating” and “a creative process of self-awareness and self-expression” which requires “command of techniques appropriate to the expressive/creative medium” (26).

Weaves through the work of Carl Rogers, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Buber.

cf. Louise Wetherbee Phelps, Composition as a Human Science


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