Corder: “What I Learned at School”

Corder, Jim W. “What I Learned at School.” College Composition and Communication. 26.4 (1975): 330-334. Web. 21 Jan. 2015.


Braddock Award, process pedagogy, pedagogy, invention, arrangement

Bibliographic Notes:

Words: ~2,500-3,000

Pages: 4

Citations: 0

Author Affiliation: Texas Christian University

Process pedagogy falls flat when a teacher tries it out for himself in an over-stuffed course.

The second recipient of the Braddock Award. Corder reflects on a semester of trying out his own (nine) essay assignments alongside his students, leading to some revelations. Corder struggled with invention, framed here through an appeal to process pedagogy, and finding “occasions” to write, i.e., his writing lacked authentic exigence. Corder spends time discussing structure [arrangement], and briefly mentions style as well. The article finishes with the entirety of his final writing of the semester, itself offering writing advice that both reaffirms process pedagogy and seems to anticipate later turns toward social epistemics.


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