Digital Digs Circa 2007

Avoiding end-of-semester coursework, I decided to put some time into something I’m starting to quite enjoy.  My left brain having conquered all, I took a trip back in time to Alex Reid’s blog Digital Digs, circa 2007, to have some fun with data collection and tag clouds, fun that might just turn into some sort of larger project.

After removing category tags, titles, videos, images, and a few stray html tags from his blog posts, it turns out Professor Reid wrote over 66,000 words on his blog for the entire year, the most productive months falling in the summer with over 20,000 words written in June and July alone — quite an interesting factoid for that next conversation with a glib know-it-all who is sure professors do next to nothing as they languidly enjoy their favorite hammock and tall glasses of lemonade over summer break.

Anyway, much more to think about with the possibilities for where I might take this and similar data, but for now, here’s a rough-sketch tag cloud (I could take the word “think” out) showing the top-20 words that appeared in Reid’s blog entries throughout 2007.

Reid 2007 top 20



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