I’m looking at the Google site I built, specifically the works cited page, and I notice the spacing of the indented lines change depending on the computer I’m at. The on-board word proccessor wouldn’t allow me to tab individual lines to create a hanging indent, so I had to tap the space bar a few times to get those lined up right, only to see now that it doesn’t really matter much as that spacing gets jumbled when viewed on different sized monitors or at different zoom settings. I also noticed there wasn’t much choice when it came to other kinds of formatting I’m used to such as 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing. I’m hoping ENGL 444, which I’m taking this summer, will further encourage me to learn more than rudimentary HTML and, perhaps, even some CSS.

In any event, with the Google site, I was aiming for something close to Madeline Yonker’s scholarship on network literacy. Mine’s not as sharp (HTML, here I come!), but I didn’t move much beyond templates and default settings.

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