Seeing is a talent

One of the more difficult passages I encountered in the Wysocki and Johnson-Eilola piece we recently read in our 516 grad seminar (“Blinded by the Letter: Why Are We Using Literacy as a Metaphor for Everything Else?”) had to do with a reference to Nam June Paik’s work. Here is the passage:            

What brought me back to this passage was a NYT article I stumbled across about dyslexia research. The article seems to indicate that the kind of whole-picture seeing described by Jameson in the excerpt above is what some folks with dyslexia do well.

One thought on “Seeing is a talent

  1. I’m glad you looked into this, Joe. Yes, celebrating alphabetic literacy risks not placing enough value on “whole-picture seeing.” Great point. And this is one of the really useful aspects of blogs–the allow us to return to crumbs of conversations and revisit them later.

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